In The Beginning

Brief history of the Almshouses and explanation of the documents scanned and listed below:
First Report 1853
Report of 1861
Residents of St Pancras Almshouses 1861 census
Report of the Committee 1872
Annual Report for 1926
Annual Report for 1939
The Story of the St Pancras Almshouses 1850-1950
Annual Report for 1962
Annual Report for 1977
St Pancras Almshouses - Historical Exhibition
We have uploaded the exhibition panels which chart the sometimes turbulent history of the St Pancras Almshouse from the Founding Fathers and the Early Residents and which are currently mounted in the Regnart Hall. They are in pdf format - please follow the links below.
Panel 1              -              almshouse 1
Panel 2              -              almshouse 2
Panel 3              -              almshouse 3
Panel 4              -              almshouse 4
Panel 5              -              almshouse 5
The final panel, The St Pancras Almshouses today, can be found in The Present Day page of the website.